The Story of Beds on Board – offsetting the cost of ownership

The Story of Beds on Board

The story of Beds on Board is a story of how the sharing economy can help boat owners offset the cost of ownership and let guests stay in amazing locations.

Beds on Board allows guests to sleep on boats as an alternative to hotels and B&Bs. The boats do not move, they stay on their moorings in some amazing locations around the world.

How it all started

The story of Beds on Board started in May 2014. It was during a sailing regatta in Palma de Mallorca. Accommodation in the city was completely full but the marinas were full of empty boats. The soon to be co-founders of Beds on Board started talking about this 2-sided problem and Beds on Board was born.

The story of Beds on Board - our founders
Beds on Board founders offer alternative accommodation on boats

Statistics suggest that boat owners spend less than 10% of their time onboard. This question of vacancy, and a passion for boats, inspired Sir Peter Ogden and brothers Jason and Tim Ludlow to start the company. Beds on Board is part of the new and rapidly rising sharing economy, following on from the likes of Airbnb and Uber.

Alternative accommodation

The idea is a simple one. Most boats are empty most of the time and in some of the most desirable locations in the world. These same locations often struggle to offer accommodation to visitors. This is especially true in peak seasons. They also struggle to offer something that is a little bit different, or simply more convenient.

As a peer-to-peer platform the service is equally simple. is the meeting point where boats, descriptions, reviews & ratings are shown and where the community sign up. The communication and decision-making are all between the owner and guest directly.

Another way to stay

Beds on Board can be for anyone. City breakers, business travellers or families looking for a more affordable way to have space for kids. In fact, anyone looking for something different will enjoy the benefits. Staying on a boat instead of a hotel or B&B can also be the first step in becoming part of the boating community. An introduction to a new and exciting lifestyle aren’t the only benefits. Guests so far have reported how much they enjoyed the peace and quiet, the friendliness and feeling of community. And of course the sunsets and open skies. (We agree, this is why we love sleeping on boats). There is a sense of wellness that hotels and spas spend millions trying to achieve that is fairly natural on a boat.

The story of Beds on Board - stay on boats in amazing locations
Sleep on boats in beautiful locations

Price is another benefit for guests. Affordability played a part in the positive feedback with most boats being very competitive when compared to local ‘traditional’ types of accommodation, depending of course on what is on offer and the number of guests.

The Beds on Board community is growing everyday. Fuelled by the company’s presence at international boat shows, trade marketing channels and some favourable global press. Boat listings can be found in over 40 countries and with boats being added continually the growth and diversity is something that will make the service even more appealing to guests.

The story of Beds on Board looks set to continue into the future as our vision is to be the world’s leading boat accommodation platform. Or, as we say, to be Another Way To Stay. Visit our website and sign up today. Start looking for your next travel inspiration.

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