Stay on a boat in Greece | A land of discovery, charm and history

Stay on a boat in Greece

When you stay on a boat in Greece, you’ll have a first–class base to enjoy a destination of great beauty, charm and traditions. Greece boasts glorious sunsets, beautiful beaches and bright blue seas alongside ancient architecture and world heritage UNESCO sites. So it’s little wonder why Greece has become such a popular option for guests looking to stay on a boat.

History lovers
Discover Greece’s ancient world and mythology in its abundance of archaeological sites. Greece is home to some of the world’s most prized architecture. So there are plenty of ancient sites and relics to explore. Greece offers a fascinating mix of history and culture and traditional civilisations. Therefore if history and culture are your thing then a holiday to Greece is a must.

Classic Yacht Greece Village Marina

Greece for foodies
Attractive restaurants, traditional markets and quaint tavernas. All available to satisfy all tastes and create the ideal combination for an enjoying stay in Greece. Being at the crossroads between east and west, Greek cuisine has been infused with the best of both worlds. Some of the most eclectic tastes from the west balance against some of the more local and home-grown tastes from the east on Greek tables.

When you stay on a boat in Greece, one of the immediate features is the endless coasts and the picturesque seashores surrounded by the magical waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It is this exquisite combination that makes staying on a boat in Greece such a popular choice for sun seekers. With one of the Mediterranean’s hottest and driest climates, no matter where you stay, you’re guaranteed to go home with a tan to make everyone jealous.

Classic Yacht Greece Village

Romance and honeymoons
Legend has it that it was in this landscape that love was born! Greece is the birthplace of the winged God Eros, the son of Aphrodite; the God that with his quiver and arrows inspired artists and writers over the centuries to praise the virtues of love. Whether you are looking for an ideal honeymoon destination or just a romantic escape, staying on a boat in Greece amidst the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love.

The Greek Islands
The Aegean and Ionian Islands surrounding mainland Greece have been enticing holidaymakers for decades. With an abundance of beaches, quiet coves, nightlife, ancient sights and shopping it’s easy to see why.

Mainland Greece
Greece is a beloved destination and in addition to the more familiar islands, the mainland offers plenty of options for a classic Mediterranean holiday. You’ll be able to experience tranquil villages full of charm or a city break combining the ancient with the modern. Enjoy a wealth of archaeological sites such as ancient Olympia, fascinating culture, spectacular coastline set amidst the stunning natural backdrop of mountains and forest.

Stay on a boat in Greece
Stay on a boat in Greece in one of our many Greek locations. Discover another way to stay for a unique holiday experience. Staying on a boat offers the wow factor at an affordable price. Take advantage of marinas located in stunning settings giving you great access to local tavernas and beaches.

Stay on a boat in Greece
Stay on a Classic Yacht in Greece

Greece enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Spring is the best time of the year for anyone keen to explore the country’s natural landscape. Whilst summer offers the best swimming conditions and sunny temperatures reaching the mid-30s (˚C). For a more laid-back experience, book your holiday in autumn, when the crowds have dispersed. Temperatures still remain in the mid-20s. Or enjoy Greece in the winter, when the resorts are at their quietest and the conditions are just right for exploring.

So, Why Stay on a boat in Greece?
You book a holiday in Greece because not only is it a destination of incomparable beauty but because it is a place full of discoveries, charm and secrets. A country that boasts myths, traditions and culture alongside beautiful beaches, great weather and excellent cuisine, making it the perfect choice for a luxury holiday on a boat.


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