Interview with Jason Ludlow, Founder of Beds on Board

Welcome to our  interview with Beds on Board founder Jason Ludlow.

Beds on Board is a peer to peer platform that connects boat owners with accommodation seekers. It allows owners to rent out their boats when they are not using them so guests can stay in unique accommodation in fantastic locations around the world. “You could say we are the Airbnb for boats” …

In a previous blog we told the story of Beds on Board and this article catches up with Jason Ludlow, one of the founders to ask a few quick fire questions on his experience so far.

Interview with Beds on Board founder - Jason Ludlow
Jason Ludlow – Founder of Beds on Board


Q: How did you come up with the idea of Beds on Board?
Coming into Palma De Mallorca onboard a racing yacht, we were having a conversation about the islands shortage of accommodation, all the empty boats and unused assets and how we could solve the problem, when we thought of a solution: beds. A week later Sir Peter Ogden and I, started working on a plan to launch and we became founders of Beds on Board along with my brother Tim!

Q: What’s your favourite aspect of staying on a boat?
A sense of relaxation, of being away from it all as well as a sense of adventure, of just doing something unusual and being in a prime location. Of course some may simply enjoy the convenience or the choice. We are also excited that guests will get a different view on places that they wouldn’t get from staying in a hotel.

Interview with Beds on Board founder - Relax on board a boat
Relax on board

Q: What kinds of boats are best for the Beds on Board service?
Any safe and comfortable boat, old or new, sail or power, large or small. Beds on Board is as much about the location as the unique experience of staying on a boat.

Q: How many countries do you currently cover and how many boats are listed on the website?
We have hundreds of boats listed in over 40 countries and are growing rapidly. It is possible to stay on a boat in destinations such as Antigua, Uruguay and India but the majority are in Europe so far. We’ve been really inspired by the geographical diversity since launching.

Q. What is the best boat to stay on you have seen listed so far?
Take your pick: a superyacht in Palma and another in Tuscany, a luxurious houseboat in Berlin or a yacht in Jolly Harbour, Antigua. But there are so many lovely boats to stay on in beautiful destinations that it is hard to pick one out. I may be slightly biased but there are some lovely boats in Solent in the UK including this beautiful classic motorboat in Lymington.

Interview with Beds on Board founder - sleep on a luxury motor yacht
Stay on a luxury motorboat

Q. Do you own a boat?
Yes, and I have been renting it through Beds on Board for a year now – as a founder of Beds on Board I would have to! Doing this has paid half my annual mooring fees as well as covering some unforeseen expenses that come with boat ownership. The guests I have met through renting out the boat have been great and they keep coming back to enjoy the boat and Lymington.

Q: What’s the next step for Beds on Board and for the Share Economy in general?
We will continue to grow our community and listen so that we can provide a platform that helps owners stay engaged with their boats and grow the boating economy.

While the founders and our team we are very focused on our users there are two statistics that come up in a lot of our conversations: boat vacancy in the UK is around 90% and the share economy is predicted to grow to £9 billion by 2025.

This is just the UK, global growth is predicated at over $335 billion, so we expect to see new businesses formed and more assets being shared as people continue to look for more bottom-up solutions to today’s challenges. We want to empower owners to be a part of these statistics!

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