Stay on a boat | The ultimate romantic getaway

Paris may be the obvious place for a romantic break but there are plenty of other memorable destinations where couples can escape for a luxury getaway. For a romantic break idea we think staying on a boat is pretty hard to beat and can give you a personal connection you just can’t find in a hotel.

Romantic Break Ideas

With boats in beautiful destinations worldwide there are a plethora of romantic getaway ideas waiting for you to discover. We’ve got boats for every budget too. From unforgettable options that will cost less than a hotel, right through to decadent destinations you might need to save up for.

Unique place to stay for a romantic break in London

Why Stay on a boat

Whether it’s for a spontaneous weekend break or a special anniversary, boats offer the same decadence and modern comforts as a luxury hotel, and more! Beds on Board gives you the choice from the more intimate experience of a cosy houseboat or yacht to the ultimate in luxury of a superyacht. Whichever of these heavenly hideaways appeal to you, we know that staying on a boat is the perfect place to stay for a romantic weekend away.

Romantic break on a luxury boat in Palma

Picture yourselves staying on a boat in a luxury cabin for two, a world away from the distractions of everyday life. Find time and space to relax and reconnect with each other. Retreat to your cosy cabin where you’ll find everything you need for a blissful, romantic break. Outside, let the peace and seclusion of being by the water work its magic. A magic that’s all the better for being shared!

Stay on a boat in beautiful locations

Discover beautiful and dramatic scenery waiting to be explored. Delve deeper into the history and culture of a destination far away from the daily routine. Enjoy authentic local delicacies and fine wines in off the beaten track restaurants or choose another way to stay to experience the bright lights and city sights of a top city break.

Whether you love to share life’s luxuries or just need each other, a boat is the perfect option for short breaks and romantic retreats. From spending nights of indulgence on a luxury motorboat to getting extra cosy in your own cabin. Find whatever you need for the romantic break of your dreams with a boat from Beds on Board.

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