The best way to catch some winter sun

Grey winter skies getting you down? We understand. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Search for some winter sun and you could be sipping a frappe or an ice-cold beer overlooking the sparkling blue seas of The Bahamas, The Canaries, or Florida. Yes. Really. And the best thing of all is that you’ll be paying far less than a hotel or self-catering in the same area when you stay on a boat.

Through, you can book yourself some winter sun in a unique place to stay, in some of the world’s top locations. As it’s out of season you’ll be able to enjoy the area’s history, culture and landscapes without the crowds. No queuing and no reservations required, just time well spent.

Winter sun inspiration

We have boats waiting for you to stay on in Florida – the sunshine state – or Brazil, home to the Rio Carnival.

If long-haul doesn’t grab you, how about a short hop to Mallorca’s stylish capital, Palma? Or Malta in the amazing historic harbour of Valletta?

Stay on a boat for some Winter Sun

There’s no chartering, just laid-back luxury. And with the money you save you’ll have more in your pocket to enjoy your surroundings.

Take a trip up Rio’s Sugarloaf Mountain to enjoy one of the world’s stand-out views; maybe try and spot your own Beds on Board boat, bobbing away below. Enjoy a famous Painkiller Cocktail in the British Virgin Islands. Or explore one of the ancient sites of Malta, before setting down to some of their signature shellfish dishes.

Stay on a boat in Malta

Whatever you decide, the fact that you’re on a boat will make your experience unique. And wherever you go you’ll be shortening the winter. Which is the best thing of all.

There’s plenty of availability – both over the New Year’s Eve holiday and into the new year itself. Whether you prefer a long haul location or a short haul hop, search our selection of boats and find a unique place to stay today. To find your perfect boat, visit for the latest winter sun inspiration.