Valentine’s ideas | The perfect Valentine’s day gift for him…or her!

We all need a Valentine’s idea

The Internet is abuzz with the sound of people searching for Valentine’s ideas.

For some, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to stop and take a moment to show the person they love how much they mean to them.

For others, Valentine’s Day is just another date in the calendar. And for the cynical few it’s just a money making ploy – shame on them!

Quick fact: in the UK almost half of us spend money on their Valentines with over £1 billion spent on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts (Wikipedia).

So the truth is, finding a new but affordable Valentine’s Day idea would make your life better. No?

A history of Valentine’s ideas

Remember those days when February 14th meant a handmade card gripped in sweaty palms? Creeping into the classroom early to hide it in the drawer of that one person who had ignored you all year?

Then came the Milk Tray days when you boldly presented your Valentine’s Day gift in the hope of getting something far more exciting in return. To the person who was still ignoring you.

Maybe there was another step where a traditional Valentine’s Day gift idea paid off and you were thrown into the world of boyfriend & girlfriend.

Then Valentine’s Day became a post-Christmas, pre-Easter excuse for a bit of pampering between you and your lucky loved-one. The one that stopped ignoring you.

Champagne, flowers, more chocolates (hopefully not Milk Tray) and spa-treatments became the norm.

And then came cheap flights!

Valentine’s Day short breaks

With cheap flights came the rise of the city-break and the more traditional Valentine’s idea gave way to the romantic grandeur of Paris, Prague and Rome.

Valentine's ideas - Paris

More recently the peer-to-peer platforms and the sharing economy have given you more choice at more affordable prices. Alternative accommodation in new locations has opened up your romantic getaway plans.

How lucky that they didn’t ignore you for ever!

Quick fact: short and city-breaks are now the most common reason for traveling, overtaking the beach holiday (ABTA).

The perfect Valentine’s idea for him or her

A night or 2 in your favourite hotel. A short-break in  that city you’ve never seen before. These are great Valentine’s ideas but what about making these into something completely different?

Wouldn’t you like to be in the very heart of that city?

What about seeing that city from a different angle?

How about being gently rocked to sleep?

The perfect Valentine’s idea is to stay on boat with

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