Help pay your boat finance – rent your boat to overnight guests

Are you looking to help pay your boat finance? Renting to overnight guests is a low cost, low commitment alternative to chartering and can help you offset the cost of ownership.

Here we take you through the benefits and an owner case study to show how Beds on Board can help pay your boats finance.

Renting to overnight guests

Firstly, lets talk about what you are offering. We have guests  searching to stay on boats all over the world.

The boats don’t move, it’s accommodation only. You won’t have any engine hours or other costs associated with chartering.

Our guests can only book boats and they will communicate with you directly via, so they will know what is expected. They can only book if you approve their booking request so you are in complete control.

Stay on boat

From the guests point of view, they will be looking for a unique and memorable experience which all starts with your listing.

Make sure you have great photos – you can read this blog post to help you take photos like a pro. Write enticing descriptions of the boat and the location. Also make sure your pricing is competitive based on what’s on offer – number of cabins, age of the boat and what’s in the area. We can help with all of this if needed.

Tip: Imagine your ideal guests, what they will enjoy and where they would stay if not on your boat. Then make your listing, pictures and pricing attract them!

Help pay your boat finance with Beds on Board

Help pay your boat finance

We know that most owners finance their boat to keep cashflow for other things! Therefore we decided to look at how Beds on Board could help pay your boats finance.

The majority of our owners have boats in the 30 to 60 foot size bracket (although we have lots of bigger boats too!). Of these boats the majority again are likely to be more than 5 years old.

With this in mind we can look at one of our boat listings and give some ideas as to how renting your boat to overnight guests could help pay your boat finance:

  • Boat: Squadron 42
  • Typical monthly finance: £1100
  • Price per night: £300
  • Nights rented per month: 4
  • Rental income per month:£1200
  • Beds on Board fees: £60 (5%)
  • Owner income per  month: £1140

Of course this is an example and the financing and income will vary depending on the boat, location, and season but it may help show how Beds on Board can help you.

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