How to make make your boat unavailable for a weekend | manage your calendar

Manage your calendar & get more bookings

Beds on Board helps you earn money from your boat when you aren’t using it. Renting your boat to overnight guests helps you offset the cost of ownership and keep her ready for you.

By updating the calendar guests will know when your boat is available and help you accept bookings safe in the knowledge that we handle the payments.

How to make your boat unavailable for a weekend

Here we show you how to block out a weekend from your calendar (or more, the process is the same). You could do this when you know you are using the boat, or it’s not available to earn you money, for any reason.

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Video summary

Key content seen in the video includes:

  1. Get to the Calendar by logging into and clicking ‘My Listings’
  2. Click the arrows to select the month you want to change
  3. Select the dates to set by click and dragging on the dates in the calendar interface (so they have the blue highlight)
  4. Set the top button to ‘Unavailable’ (so it has the orange highlight)
  5. Click ‘Update’ to see the changes in the calendar
  6. Select the next weekend (as per 3)
  7. Click ‘Update’ to see the changes in the calendar
  8. Repeat as required
  9. Click SAVE to send the updates to your boat and set it live

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