How to use the calendar | get more bookings | earn more money

Set your calendar & help earn money from your boat

So, you own a boat and you are looking to rent it to overnight guests. Maybe you want to help pay for your mooring fees, or for your winter maintenance? Beds on Board helps you to offset the cost of ownership.

By keeping your calendar up to date you can attract more enquires and more bookings. Guests will know when your boat is available and you stay in control.

How to manage your calendar

We’ll be releasing blog posts for each step of the listing process, including all these calendar articles:

Calendar overview

Here we kick off with an overview of the calendar. This video is a great way to get an overall understanding of the calendar and what it can do. If you then have specific questions you can try the links above, or give us a call on +44 (0) 203 795 5006.

Video summary

Key content seen in the video includes:

  1. The main calendar interface has a button that switches between Available and Unavailable
  2. If we set to Available you will see a ‘Price per night’
  3. This is set earlier in ‘Prices’ and is your default price.
  4. There’s 2  ways to pick a date range:
    1. Using the date picker above the main calendar (start and end dates) – BEST for multiple months
    2. Clicking and drag on the calendar itself – BEST for single months
  5. To change pricing you:
    1. Select the date range (as above)
    2. Change the price in the price field
    3. Click update to see the changes in the calendar
  6. Finally you must always click SAVE to send the updates to your boat and set it live.
  7. All your bookings will be shown in green on the calendar.

Next steps

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To publish your existing listing click here and start earning money from your boat.

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