How to list your boat | Step 1 | Creating your list

List your boat for rent to overnight guests

Owning a boat is expensive and it’s hard to spend as much time on board as you’d like. Beds on Board helps you to offset the cost of ownership by renting your boat to overnight guests. Read on to see how to list your boat.

Listing your boat is free and easy.

By listing you can earn money and help offset the cost of ownership. You can manage your listing to show when your boat is available and you stay in control as you choose who stays and when.

How to list your boat

There’s 3 key steps that we will take you through:

Step 1 – Creating a listing

This is the first and very simple step of starting your listing. Once you have done this we can see your progress. Watch the video to see how simple it is:

Video summary

Key content seen in the video includes:

  1. From, click ‘List my boat’ from the top right hand corner – on mobile, scroll to the very bottom of the homepage
  2. Answer the 3 simple questions;
    1. What are you listing (usually it’s the entire boat)
    2. How many can it sleep (how many do you want on board)
    3. Where is the boat nearest town or city, (marina comes later)
  3. Agree to our Terms and click ‘Continue’
  4. Login (or Sign up)
  5. Your listing has been created!

Next steps

Now you know how to list your boat, Watch our next video in our Step 2 post to get ready to publish.

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