How to list your boat | Step 2 | Getting ready to publish

List your boat to help offset the cost of ownership

Welcome to the second post in the how to list your boat series. So you’ve created a listing (if not, read step 1 to help you get started) and you can find that listing by going to ‘My listings’ to get it ready to be published and get you offsetting the cost of ownership by renting.

There’s 3 key steps that we will take you through:

Step 2 – Getting ready to publish

At the end of this step you CAN publish, but we highly recommend you add great photos and set your calendar because both of these are important to get booking enquiries. Watch this video to show you how to get ready to publish:

Video summary

Key content seen in the video includes:

  1. From, log in and click on your name in the top right hand corner menu
  2. Click ‘My listings’ select ‘Unpublished’
  3. Complete the 4 steps:
    1. Title & Overview – write these to attract guests
    2. Location – if you do not find your marina you must add it, see this post
    3. Pricing – enter your default nightly price for whatever you are renting (boat, cabin or bunk)
    4. Mobile verification – be sure to enter your number correctly and have your phone to hand
  4. You are now ready to publish but we recommend you complete the Photos and Calendar sections first

Next steps

You are one step closer in how to list your boat. Watch our next video in our Step 3 post publish.

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