How to accept booking request | manage your listing

Manage your listing

Getting a booking request is a great moment and means you are closer to helping offset the cost of boat ownership. You will know you have a booking request via email and SMS and you can also keep an eye out for the alert icon in the top right hand corner of

You have 48 hours to accept but the guest is probably wanting to know if the boat is available immediately, so please manage your calendar and respond to every enquiry as soon as you can.

Accepting a booking

Guests cannot book instantly, they can only send a booking request so it’s important you know how to respond. Here’s a quick how to video to show exactly how to do this, and how to contact the guest before you accept:

Video summary

Key content seen in the video includes:


You access the bookings by being logged in and clicking on ‘My Reservations’. They load in priority order and an orange reservation means it needs your attention.

You can click Accept or Decline here, or if you need more information from the guest, or just want to communicate with them to establish trust, click on ‘Other actions’ and ‘Message history.

This loads the ‘My Messages’ section where you can type a message or attach a file and once you are ready you can click ‘Accept or decline’ to return to the Reservation detail and accept the booking.


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