How to list your boat | Add a marina or waterway

Add your marina to your listing

Listing your boat at allows you to rent your boat to overnight guests and help offset the coat of ownership.

If you haven’t listed yet, click here to get started.

To help guests know where your boat is based (not the mooring, just the marina) you may need to add your location. It’s straightforward, but to be sure watch this video to know how to add your location to your listing:

Video summary

Key content seen in the video includes:

  1. From, log in and click on your name in the top right hand corner menu
  2. Click ‘My listings’
  3. Click ‘Location’
  4. Start typing your marina name 0 if it’s there, click on it
  5. If it’s not, click ‘Create new’
  6. Add the marina name
  7. Add the street address
  8. The town and country and pre-populate based on the previous (Boat Overview) step
  9. Drag the pin to show the correct location on the map
  10. The final field is optional but very useful to guests – tell them something interesting or exciting about the location to help them decide to book your boat
  11. Click ‘Save’

Next steps

Make sure you have updated your calendar to help get bookings.

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