Staycation UK | Staycation ideas for your next ‘holistay’

What is a Staycation?

Staycations started after the financial crisis left people with less money to spend but still needed some downtime. So recession-hit Americans and Brits decided to drop their passports in favour of domestic holidays instead of travelling overseas. Such a good time was had that “Staycation UK” was born and ideas for staycations (or even ‘Holistays’!) are now now popular than ever.

“A holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.”  (Source: OED).

It’s also a portmanteau – you didn’t need us to tell you that but we just love using that word!

Why is this “Staycation UK” so popular?

“A record-breaking 7.3 million people holidaying in England in the first quarter of 2016, up 10pc compared to the same period in 2015, according to Visit England.” (Source: The Telegraph & Visit England).

Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous seaside escape or a bustling city break. A rural retreat for some planned respite from the daily grind, there’s a lot to be said for staying close to home. You can guarantee there’ll be none of the usual pain points. No airport delays, language barriers or exchange rates. And you won’t have to remortgage to pay the dreaded mobile data bill!

Do something different & share

The rise of the sharing economy has had a big impact on staycations. It allows guests to book unique accommodation in other people’s homes, gardens or with Beds on Board, on their boats.

Not being limited to hotels and B&Bs has fuelled the Staycation UK trend as just as much as the recession did. There’s just so much more choice today that staying nearer home makes more sense.

Staycation UK Ideas. Unique accommodation in Southampton

Now the world’s leading boat accommodation platform, offers guests the opportunity to stay on boats in amazing locations across the UK. And often for less than the price of a hotel. It’s especially affordable when it comes to families. 

Family staycation ideas

Why are boats great idea for a family staycation?

Firstly, value for money. There’s usually room in a boat for a couple of kids and the prices are not per person or per room, so no more family rooms or second rooms are needed. We’ve compared prices for a family of 4 and seen savings of over £250 per night!

Then there’s space. Kids can get their own space and the chance to explore somewhere new. It’s a lot more fun than checking in to a hotel room. Most of our motors boats have at least 2 cabins (often en-suite) and sailing yachts have a fo’c’s’le (the pointy bit at the front) that is perfect for kids to camp out in while Mum and Dad relax on deck or down below.

Then it’s the big decision: do you give them some screen time so you can have some peace and quiet (most boats have TV & DVD and WiFi) or do you get them out under the stars and fresh night-time air?

Family UK Staycation Ideas

Finally, it’s the old “location, location, location” cliché – but with boats it’s a no-brainer. Especially in island nations like the UK. Marinas, rivers, canals, lakes all offer great places for a Staycation. There’s walking, sightseeing, relaxing and exploring great towns and cities. As well as often being close to coasts and beaches where hotels and B&Bs can busy.

So we’re not just talking a trip to Longleat or Legoland (although we love a family day out and the empty pocketed journey home in traffic), but historical villages packed with tales of past times, or quaint coastal towns that offer spectacular views and entertainment on tap for the whole family.

And there’s more – guaranteed water views!

In case it isn’t obvious, while you have to pay / plead / hope for a decent view from your hotel room, all our boat accommodation comes with guaranteed water views! From portholes in yachts to sliding doors in houseboats. From hammocks on booms in the Caribbean to Jacuzzi’s on barges in the Champagne region. Booking a boat with Beds on Board means the view tales care of itself (and maybe the kids will too).

Rent a boat with a jacuzzi

What’s next?

Take a look at our staycation UK ideas and search for a location at to find your prefect place to stay – and be sure to Sign Up to keep up with all our latest news, boats and offers.