How to get on board with Beds on Board

Let’s get you on a boat!

We are very lucky. People often say “oh, what a good idea” when they hear about Beds on Board. It’s a nice thing to hear and it’s a nice thing to do. Staying on a boat in a quiet and pretty marina, the sounds of the water, the birds and a cork easing its way out of your favourite bottle.

We also spend a lot of our time talking to people about how they can stay on a boat, so we thought it about time we shared this so you can stop dreaming and start staying on boats for your next weekend away, city-break or celebration.

Book a boat with Beds on Board

What’s the good idea?

Simple – next time you want a night away book a boat instead of a hotel room or a B&B. The boat doesn’t leave it’s mooring, you don’t need any experience, just some common sense and a sense of adventure!

You can then swap the 4 walls of a hotel room for your own en-suite cabin (plenty of room to stow away the kids if you need to) and you will ALWAYS have a water view!

How does it all work?

Get on board with Beds on Board

We simply connect you and the boat owner at and you make your own plans, ask your own questions and make the payment. You can think of it as 3 easy steps:

  1. Search for a location
  2. Select a boat
  3. Contact the owner to book

The owner has 48 hours to accept your booking and you can use our Message Centre to ask them any questions you have (more on this below). Once they accept, your booking is confirmed and you can count the days until you are sitting on deck, watching the sunset and enjoying one of life’s luxuries – your own private boat.

Questions? What questions?

Owners may ask if you’ve been on boats before (don’t’ worry if not, it just helps them know wheat else to tell you about), what brings you to the area and who you are coming with.

Guests tend to ask if there’s somewhere to park (there usually is), if the boat has access to wi-fi (they often do), if there’s restaurants nearby (very likely) and if the boat is dog-friendly (some are, unlike hotels).

Spell that again?

We know boats have their own world of words so we thought it would be fun to make a Beds on Board Glossary that you can use to help get you on board and sounding like a pro (without all the salty sea-dog stuff), here’s a little taster for you:


A is for “airbnb for boats”. We’ve been called that a lot (see here)


B is for beds. Beds on Board is for accommodation only, our boats don’t move


C is for cool. Let’s face it, boats are cool and staying on them is even cooler


D is for dogs. Not all owners accept them, but a lot do


E is for experience. None needed but a great one will be had


F is for fo’c’sle. The pointed end that you throw your kids in while you relax (pron. fowk-sul)


G is for go-to. Beds on Board is the go-to destination for boat accommodation


H is for hotel. Stay on a boat instead of one


I is for….next time 🙂


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Until then, we hope this has given you some ideas for how to go from “good idea” to “welcome aboard ”.